Entrance Gate Decorations

We decorate the entrance gate which indirectly sends the message of welcome to all invitees. Flowers of infinite verities of natural and fresh will be used on either side of the passage, on carpet area, bouquets adored with flowers will be placed at all important places to make the entrance more beautiful and attractive.

Artificial flowers can also be used for marriage venue entrance gate. The Gate is also decorated with Silver drapes or traditional golden ones. Various beautiful designs and artefacts and lights are added to the Wedding Gate Decorations.

The entrance to any wedding, party or event must have a huge impact on guests. We specialize in building unique Entrance gate decoration solutions that will definitely make heads turn. We create floral sculptures, arches, statues, welcoming banners and a lot more.

name board

Name & Welcome Board Decoration

Name & Welcome Board Decoration occupies equal important place in wedding celebrations. We fill the essence of the joy of the wedding happiness with fresh flowers decorated to all material used for wedding celebrations.

Wedding Passage Decoration

Passage Entry is very important because the bride as well as the guests come from this entrance to attend the wedding. At Elite Decorators you will get the ample amount of passage entry designs to choose from and make your wedding best talk of the town.

We decorate Entrance of the Mandap & wedding passage in very attractive & Eye-catchy manner. We use Satin Cloths, Colorful Flowers, and Colorful Lightings in various sizes, Glittering Torans etc. to decorate the entrance & receive our valuable invitees.

The Wedding Marriage Gate or Passage Decorations could be theme based or done in traditional style. Different color schemes provide different looks to the Decoration.We decorate it to your needs and taste.


Wedding Car Decoration

A marriage or wedding is probably the single occasion that involves countless symbolism and beliefs. Thus, preparation for a wedding could be lavishly strenuous and taxing. From the smallest detail of the bride's fingernails up to the decorations set on the wedding car is supposed to be given definite arrangement.

Reception Stage Decoration

We At Elite Decorators have an expert team of technicians and decorators who provide best stage decoration to make your wedding most memorable one…

Refine your wedding style and find the perfect design details for your ceremony and reception in our wedding decor gallery. The flowers used combination can be selected by the Customer.  We Personally plan the design and colours sitting with Customer.


Marriage Mandapam Decoration

Any Indian Wedding is incomplete without proper Mandapam Decoration as the bride And Groom Have to sit in the Mandapam to Perform certain rituals before wedding, Elite Decorators Offer best Mandapam Designs and Decoration to make your wedding best one in the Chennai city.

Mandapam are not only the focal point of your wedding but the starting point of your married life;. Our stunning range of mandapam exudes a magical charm that pays homage to their sanctified significance in the marriage ceremony. All mandaps in our portfolio combine traditional design concepts with contemporary styling to produce a statement of sheer sophistication and stunning opulence. Our extensive mandapam range ensures that there we can offer a mandapam to suit all tastes, venues, wedding themes and budgets. Each mandap can be tailored to your preferences using flowers, lighting effects, backdrops and accessories to set the perfect stage for your wedding.

Buffet Counter Decoration

The Buffet Counter or wedding hall decoration is an important part in wedding and it can be the ultimate factor in a wedding ceremony. We offer high end services in Buffet Counter or dining hall decoration at your disposal.

Buffet Counter Decoration

Chairs Decoration

The Chair decoration and arrangement is an important part in wedding and it can be the ultimate factor in a wedding ceremony. Elite Decorators offer  Wedding Sitting And Make arrangements in any premises on demands.


Weddings, no doubt, are fun and happy celebrations, but they are filled with endless planning, chores, budgeting, shopping etc. as well. And, all this wedding planning stress does not just engulf the entire family, but the to-be wed couple as well. Well, if you are making so much effort to ensure that this new phase of their life is so exhilarating and celebration; then, why not make the same efforts to make their journey into being one forever, smooth and exciting too.



We specialize in balloon decorations for wedding events and also provide balloon decor services for small private parties.

All of our balloons decorations are custom designed and specialized for your special occasion. Whether it is jumbo mylar balloons, printed balloons or led lights balloon our medium are endless. Like true artists we have one preferred medium, balloons, but our creativity has lead us to work with fabrics, flowers, lighting and space design.

Maalai Varieties

This is one of the main attractions of any wedding. An Indian Wedding is incomplete without proper Maalai. Maalai can be of many types and different themes. At Elite Decorators you can get any kind of Maalai varieties to make your Wedding Memorable.



We provide wedding horse and carriage service .we present an impressive line-up of bands to orchestrate your choicest wedding tunes. We can provide you with a wedding band according to your requirement